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Hair Tip #11 | Natural Curls

I love my microfiber towel from Diva Curl, wrapped up in this fabulous towel my curls don’t frizz and I use it to scrunch as well. Unwrap your hair and apply your favorite curly product. I’m using Paul Mitchell Awapuhi No Blowout Hydrocream. It’s an air dry enhancer. This is great for no blow dry days as it speeds up air dry time, defines your natural texture and as an added bonus it smells AMAZING! Notice my application; I start applying to the mid and ends to give my curls definition and stop frizz then at the base. When my hair is almost dry I get out my blow dryer and at a LOW TEMP and LOW SPEED I dry just at the BASE for volume and so it doesn’t drop, but DON'T touch too much as you can create frizz- if you have a tail comb or even a chopstick to lift, that is best. Leave it alone. No touchy, no combing = curls for days. Follow up each day with a texture spray at base for volume and Shine Serum or Spray on the mid and ends.

Natural Curls Part Two by Bailey

Have a Beautiful Day!

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