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At Home Tip #1 | Brushing

Here goes, I’m starting with the basics! We’re home and this is an easy habit you can start, one you can add to your daily beauty routine, takes MINIMAL time and requires no product. BRUSH YOUR HAIR, by this I mean not to detangle but stimulate your scalp and distribute the natural oils from scalp to ends.

BENEFITS: -It feels AMAZING -It’s your hairs’ most natural defense against mechanical damage of irons. -Stimulate scalp to grow hair faster -Control static this time of year

-Itchy scalp -Oily scalp -Cradle cap -Adds shine -If your hair is feeling dry or just blah

The Best Brush to invest in has natural boar bristles, its natural bristles and the amount of them helps to brush and add shine to your hair. (contact us to reserve yours today!)



•at night or

•before using dry shampoo. (Distribute your natural oils first for defense then dry shampoo)

Happy Sunday everyone!

Teresa Felch

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