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At Home Skincare Tip #9 | Double Cleansing

Taya Felch - Nail and Makeup Artist is bringing to you Tip #9 | Double Cleansing!

Taya is extremely knowledgeable with everything skincare, loves on lashes AND she does body waxing! She has a smile that will light up the room and can make friends with anyone she meets! Thanks Taya for all you do!

Double cleaning with tuel 2 step system. This is only done at night. Step one. Use cleanser #1 and rinse Step two. Use cleanser #2 with a cleansing brush and rinse Step three. Finish with serums and moisturizer

Head over to Taya Felch - Nail and Makeup Artist for the full video on Double Cleansing

The Tuel 2 Step System is available with drop shipping! There is a system for every skin type and they come in trial sizes and full sizes! DM us to order or us at

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