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At Home Hair Tips #5 | Bangs

It’s BANG-in! Feat. Teresa and Leslie

5 easy ways to style your bangs when growing out, needing a cut or just want them out of your way.

1. No pins, no pony, just Tie! Split into 2 like you’re going to tie a lace, twist one for one side, twist the other way for the other side and tie. 2. Twist from front to back, keep adding keep twisting, secure with pin. 3. Braid, but only add from the one side. This way you can have some fullness if you wish. 4. Rope, twist one side one way twist the other opposite and then overlap til the end and secure. 5. Twist variation, twist away from face adding more hair as you go.

And for further tips on fringe styling, video two, by Niki.

Products used | Paul Mitchell’s Hot off the Press and NEON Sugar Tease

Tools used | Smoothing Iron, Butterfly Clip and Hair Barrette

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