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Hair Stylist| Makeup Artist| Natural Colors Specialist


Hi, I’m Nicole Wojahn. I specialize in makeup, natural hair colors, consultation, and guest experience. What do I mean by consultation? Well, my passion is perfecting someone’s everyday look, from haircut to color to makeup looks to fashion tips. I live for someone telling me they need a whole new look and making educated suggestions based off their face shape, lifestyle and coloring. Over my 8 years in the business, I have become a product junkie and am truly passionate about anything beauty and fashion related and am still learning new services to expand to my guests. I love being able to pass my knowledge and product experiences on to my guests as part of my consultations. In addition to consultations, my favorite service to offer is the total guest experience! I truly enjoy all aspects of my day, but I am most fulfilled when my guest leaves happy and well taken care of. I love being able to meet so many different people and being able to network and support my guests in their careers too. No day is the same in this industry, there are so many unique challenges that come with it, I am always kept on my toes, I love doing it all though! When I’m not working, I love experiences! Whether that means trying new things, educating myself on literally anything and everything, traveling, etc. Wherever I go though, I love quality food and restaurants and enjoy trying new recipes in my own kitchen. For fun I am very into personality typing and astrology I’m always trying to figure people out and what makes them tick. Aside from that, I love spending time with my family and my dog Kai.


My favorite quote might seem a bit cliché but I believe it’s a great reminder, “be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”

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