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Hair Stylist | Fashion Colors Specialist 

I’m Faith Martinez, I’ve been a stylist for 6 years now and started in high school through a school program that allowed me to attend a cosmetology school for a few hours every day. Since I was younger, I have always wanted to do hair, I can’t really explain why, it was just something I wanted to do. My sister taught me how to braid on a doll when I was about 8 and that’s when I began learning all I could. Now I work at Escape on Third as a hair stylist and I also do lashes at the Skin Boutique. I specialize in women’s color specifically the balayage style and fashion colors. I love having the ability to help one’s confidence with a new, updated look. There are too many services to pick just one favorite! I like variety so it’s always nice to switch it up to create several different looks whether that’s doing colors, lashes or updos. Besides work, I enjoy yoga, painting and just about any Summertime outdoor activity including camping, hiking and kayaking.


My motto is…if not now, when? If you wait and wait you might miss your chance so, take a leap!