Ombre | Why I Still Love it!

ombre, color correction, before and after

Before and After by Naomi Vetter

Some would say the ombre is so overdone and boring… I’m going to tell you why I’m still in love with this trend.

The first time I learned about the ombre I was absolutely floored.  Oh, the possibilities were endless!  Now, I know this trend had been around for some time because when your eyes are opened to a new technique, that’s all you see, so seeing Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Biel and Khloe Kardashian brought this whole technique to life!!

It took some time to master the art of the ombre due to blending, color melting and achieving an overall “organic” color, BUT once my hands were achieving the result I wanted, it was go time!

Your results can vary due to hair condition, budget, etc.  But this is why I am absolutely still in love with it, everyone is different, no one has the same thing.

It’s budget friendly, you still get amazing dimension and maintenance is extremely low.  Switch up your color, go for reds to purples, different browns and blondes! Have FUN with it!

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Written by | Naomi Vetter


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