Great Hair Takes Effort

Escape on Third Salon Paul MitchellHair envy-what many people have when it comes to celebrity hair.  Believe it or not, few of them are born with perfect hair.  Just like the rest of us they have to help their hairstyle and color along way to looking great every day.  They do however have a few secrets from their top notch beauty teams which are easy for you to use too.

  1.  They commit to taking great care of their hair-as you know looking great all the time is part of their career.  This means working with a stylist and finding a regimen(cutting, coloring, conditioning etc…) that works with your hair type and sticking to it ALL the time.
  2. Eat healthy and taking supplements to help your hair grow and shine.  One that a lot of celebrities use is called Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Nutrient Tablets which is available OTC.  While I have never tried it, and you should always consult a physician prior to taking anything if you  are pregnant or have other health conditions, it is 100% drug free and seems to have get great reviews.
  3. They always use thermal protectants when styling their hair.  This helps eliminate the dabismarck salons
    mage from blow dryers
    and hot styling tools which helps maintain healthy shine.  Our favorite is Heat Seal from Paul Mitchell .
  4. Wigs and Extensions- to get all that great volume and length many celebrities sport extensions and even wigs.
  5. They change their hair color gradually.  Major changes are best done over time.  While you can do it more quickly you are likely to spend all day or even a couple days in the salon with multiple processes and conditioning treatments, which will leave your hair somewhat distressed and more prone to breakage than if it is done gradually.  Your stylist can recommend the best coarse for major hair color changes.
  6. Be very gentle with wet hair!  If you must brush it after you wash it, make sure you abismarck salonsre using a brush specifically designed for wet hair such as, The Wet Brush, or you will cause a lot of breakage on your hair.  When styling with a brush and blow dryer, your hair should be mostly dry before you start brushing–your arms will just get tired and your hair doesn’t hold any style until it is dry anyway.
  7. If your hair is fine, using an old cotton t-shirt instead of bath towel will help eliminate some breakage.  The texture of terry towels can leave your cuticle(outer most)layer of your hair  roughed up and cause more tangles and frizziness.

If you have any questions about these celebrity hair secrets, just ask your stylist and she/he will guide you to great hair.