Great Tips & Tricks to Keep You Looking Your Best

13 Ways to Wake Up Looking Gorgeous!

Mornings are hectic, whether you are a busy mom trying to get your kids and yourself ready and out the door in the morning or if you just love to get that extra half [...]


2017 Hair Trends | WOW!  We are officially into February, where has the time gone?  2017 has already showed us some great hair trends and we want to share them with you!  With words [...]

Mirabella Makeup Hands-On Class

Mirabella Makeup Hands-On Class Hello Beauties! Escape on Third Salon is hosting a Mirabella Makeup Hands-On Class, with Mirabella National Makeup Artist Nicole Wojahn, on Wednesday, October 26th from 5pm to 8pm. Whether you struggle [...]

Nail Color, It’s time to FALL in love!

Nail Color, It's Time to FALL in Love! The hottest nail color(s) of the fall season range from deep dark berry to mustard yellow AND we have to have them!! Our favorites [...]

Trauma Treatment

Leslie's Favorite Product L'ANZA Trauma Treatment Trauma Treatment is perfect for anyone who feels their hair needs a little pick me up.  Dry ends stand no chance against Trauma Treatment.  This product is an excellent [...]

Science Behind Gray Hair

  Have you ever wondered why your hair turns gray as you age?!  Here is a great article explaining the science of why over fifty percent of the population has gray hair by age 50! [...]

Ombre | What Hair Color Enthusiasts are “Rooting” for!

Ombre | Why I Still Love it! Before and After by Naomi Vetter Some would say the ombre is so overdone and boring... I'm going to tell you why I'm still in love with [...]

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Scandi Waves How To with Video

Scandi Waves how-to by Teresa Felch Gorgeously relaxed, wavy hair >>Scandi Waves<< is the ultimate goal and is so easy and simple! The Tool - Your Straightener* Take a small section of hair and spray with [...]

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Hairstyle Dictionary Brought to You by Paul Mitchell

Hairstylist Lingo Have you ever gone to your stylist and wondered what in the world she was really saying she was doing to your hair?  As a hairstylist, I know we all have a language [...]

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Top Secrets to Great Hair that Celebrities Know

Great Hair Takes Effort Hair envy-what many people have when it comes to celebrity hair.  Believe it or not, few of them are born with perfect hair.  Just like the rest of us they have [...]

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Popular Hairstyles Trending in 2016

Versatile Hairstyles the Work for Everyone: 1. Versatile and easy to take care of. Modern edgy styles will include choppy cut layers and side bangs Front bangs are also popular and provide face framing [...]

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7 Things Your Stylist Secretly Wishes You Knew

Great hair starts with communication between you and your stylist. Your stylist should tell you if you hair can support your desired look and how much effort by you is required to achieve it at [...]

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10 Ways to Tame Frizzy Hair

Summer if finally on its way, but with it comes heat and humidity which can give you frizzy hair.   Here are some tried and true tips and techniques to help you get a handle [...]

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Pump Up The Volume|How to Give Hair More Volume

1. BLOW DRY UPWARDS When blow drying your hair, don’t worry so much about smoothing your hair down. Instead, when it comes to this way to give your hair more volume, aim your blow dryer [...]

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8 Tips for Keeping Your Highlighted Hair Healthy

Keep Your Highlighted Hair Looking Great Blonds have more fun, but your hair needs special care to stay healthy. Summer is particularly hard on highlighted hair. Follow these tips and your hair will thank you. [...]

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Conditioning Treatments | Why You Need One

Healthy Hair Begins at the Salon On average your hair grows 1/2 an inch a month, in a years time that's 6 inches!  Compare that to long hair your ends have been around for 3+ [...]

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Texture Spray | Product We Love

Texture Sea Spray! Use Texture Sea Spray to get this beautiful natural wave in your hair. It adds just enough grit to your style to hold any natural curl or wave in your hair! -OR- [...]

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Is Your Highlighted Hair Brassy?

Help! My hair is brassy. What do you think of when I say "brassy"? Lets face it, this word does not appeal to everyone. The best at-home solution is purple shampoo. Many different product lines [...]

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Should I Be Using Dry Shampoo?

Dry Shampoo Tips & Tricks Ever wonder how people can go DAYS without washing their hair?  Or wonder how that girl with Hot Pink hair gets it to stay?!?  Dry Shampoo is a big word in the hair [...]

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Just Colored Your Hair, Wait to Shampoo

Wait 48 hours to wash your hair after a color service. I often have clients ask me how long they should wait to wash their hair after a color service, and the magic number is [...]

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Care for Summer Hair

Is your summer hair dull and damaged? Has all your fun in the sun done a number on your tresses?  Don't fear, help is here.  Be sure to talk to your stylist about the [...]