Dry Shampoo Tips & Tricks

Ever wonder how people can go DAYS without washing their hair?  Or wonder how that girl with Hot Pink hair gets it to stay?!?  Dry Shampoo is a big word in the hair industry.  Every person, no matter the texture or thickness of their hair, can go without washing for at least 3 DAYS!  Try these tips!

Day 1. Wash hair and style straight.

Day 2. For some on day 2 hair is some what greasy.  If you need apply a small amount of Dry Shampoo to your rooted area and work it in with your finger tips.  Finish the style with messy tousled curls.  The Dry Shampoo will give you extra texture and grit to complete this look!

Day 3. Time to get creative! Apply Dry Shampoo over all rooted areas.  Tie back into a messy braid -OR- for those with shorter hair use a cute headband with a few bobby pins!

My Clients that have bright colored hair such as reds, violets, or any POP! colors (like pink, blue or orange) MUST learn to do the 3-day style to keep color vibrant!  Dry Shampoo is a GREAT product to have in your everyday routine!  Escape on Third Salon has various brands and prices for you to choose from!

How many days can you go without washing???

I can go 4-5 days!!

Bismarck Salons; Alaina Schaaf Bismarck Coloristwritten by-Alaina Schaaf