Scandi Waves how-to by Teresa Felch

Gorgeously relaxed, wavy hair >>Scandi Waves<< is the ultimate goal and is so easy and simple!

The Tool – Your Straightener*

  1. Take a small section of hair and spray with a thermal protector, I used Hot Off the Press from Paul Mitchell.
  2.  Bend the hair to form an S shape.  Place the hair between your straightener plates and lightly tap the hair to set the wave.
  3. Continue feeding the hair in S shape patterns through your straightener tapping as you go.  An option is to leave out the ends to give your hair a more modern finish.
  4. Lightly Massage at the roots with the pads of your fingers to break up the waves and create your boho finish.
  5. Finish with your favorite hairspray.

** Scandi Waves Straightener Temperature Guidelines

Fragile/Very Fine: 250-300℉

Fine: 300-340℉

Medium: 340-370℉

Thick: 370-410℉

Scandi Waves, Bismarck Salons

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