Wait 48 hours to wash your hair after a color service.

I often have clients ask me how long they should wait to wash their hair after a color service, and the magic number is 48 hours. Why? The outer layer of your hair is made up of cells that over lap each other – kinda like fish scales. When we color your hair, we force that outer layer open and drive the color in. The hair then needs a few days to lay back down. Water, especially hot water, opens that layer back up. So, if you wash your hair less than 48 hours after a color with hot water, the color is essentially falling right out.

I’ve also had several clients tell me they wait the 48 hours, just getting their hair wet the next morning in the shower, and conditioning, skipping the shampoo. Shampoo or no shampoo, you can’t even get your hair WET for 48 hours.

A few other tips for long lasting color is to be sure to use a color safe shampoo and conditioner and cold to luke-warm water will not allow the outer layer of cells lift as much, keeping the color in the hair. Also, well conditioned hair will boast the longest color results and the most predictable color results. I would recommend a weekly at home deep conditioning treatment, along with monthly conditioning treatments in the salon. Ask your service provider for the at home and in-salon treatments they would recommend.


Bismarck salons; Kristal Grinolds Bismarck Stylistwritten by Kristal Grinolds