Healthy Hair Begins at the Salon

On average your hair grows 1/2 an inch a month, in a years time that’s 6 inches!  Compare that to long hair your ends have been around for 3+ years.  Add everything we do to it: blow it, curl it, straighten it, color it, sun it, it’s thirsty!  Hair is a beautiful piece of fabric that needs to be re-nourished because of what we zap out of it! In order for your hair to have great results, you probably need a conditioning treatment.

We put conditioning treatments head-to-head at the salon.  All having great results for different types of hair.  Stop in at Escape on Third Salon for an in-salon treatment to jump start your hair to healthy. 

Your results will be bouncier, shinier, more vibrant colored hair!

Teresa Felch; Bismarck Stylistswritten by-Teresa




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