Versatile Hairstyles the Work for Everyone:

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1. Versatile and easy to take care of.

Modern edgy styles will include choppy cut layers and side bangs

Front bangs are also popular and provide face framing that can give you a sleeker look.

These low maintenance looks will be accompanied by spiced up hair color. Fantasy hair colors will start to make their way out and allowing for more natural hues that grow out beautifully.

2. To get the look:

~Length: Just above the shoulder with texture layers that accent your face. Bangs or no bangs-you choose. Many celebrities are opting for side swept choppy bangs.

~Stye: Waves-either through your own natural waves or by getting a texture wave(formerly know as a perm)

~Color: multi-toned ombre’s are really in. For the most part more natural looking hues will be used, but if you just can’t give up the fantasy colors of 2015 by all means keep it happening.

These hairstyles look great with very little effort. They are forgiving if you stretch out your haircuts a little to long and with the right cutting, coloring and texture techniques can work for most every hair type.

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