Keep Your Highlighted Hair Looking Great

Blonds have more fun, but your hair needs special care to stay healthy. Summer is particularly hard on highlighted hair. Follow these tips and your hair will thank you.

1. Deep Condition Your Highlighted Hair

Highlighting, especially when using bleach can zap moisture and protein from your hair. You need to replenish it with a deep conditioner at least once a week. If possible leave conditioner in hair for 30-60 minute and wrap in a warm towel(either right out of the dryer or place a damp towel in the microwave for a few seconds) monthly.

2. Color Safe Shampoo

Use a shampoo specially formulated for highlighted/colored hair. It doesn’t have the harsh ingredients that fade and stripe moisture from hair. They are PH balanced to leave hair as healthy as possible. Many are infused with special oils like argon, coconut or almond which add moisture and shine.

3. Regular Trims on Highlighted Hair

Highlighted hair frays easily on the ends leaving split ends which make hair look frizzy, frazzled and down right bad. Keep ends fresh by getting a trim at least every 6-8 weeks.

4. Summer Prevention for Highlighted Hair

Sun and swimming are very hard on your highlighted hair. Using a leave in conditioner and a hat will protect your hair from the sun, keeping your color looking great instead of faded and dull. Before jumping into the pool, saturate your hair with bottled water and leave in conditioner so your hair won’t soak up chlorine.

5. Heat Protectant on Highlighted Hair

Before blow-drying and ironing your hair be sure to use a thermal protectant. It will shield your fragile highlighted hair from the high temperatures. As an added bonus they will also add shine making your hair look fabulous.

6. Toning Shampoo for Highlighted Hair

Fading does happen no matter how hard we try to prevent it. You can minimize the effects by investing in a toning shampoo for your hair. Be sure to get one for blond hair and use once a week-using more often can leave hair with an undesirable tone. With this, less is usually more.

7. Dry Shampoo

Who wants to flat iron their hair everyday? Using a dry shampoo will refresh your hair between washings which will help reduce the damage caused by styling. As an added bonus your color will stay vibrant longer.

8. Trust your Colorist

Your colorist is specially trained to give you the best advice for the health of your hair. Trust that she knows her stuff and your hair will look great. Too many times I have people tell me how to get the look they want—most of the time I have to explain how I can make it look great by using a different technique.

Bismarck Salons; Holly Blomquist Bismarck Hair Coloristwritten by ~ Holly Blomquist

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