bismarck hair salonsGreat hair starts with communication between you and your stylist. Your stylist should tell you if you hair can support your desired look and how much effort by you is required to achieve it at home. Here are 7 things your stylist secretly wishes you knew.

Great Hair takes work.

There really is no such thing as wash and wear hair for most people. The truth is you will need to put some effort into styling to get great results. Chances are the women that look like they have perfect wash and wear hair has probably experimented with different styling products, shampoos and styling techniques. They also get regular haircuts.

 Hair Products are your friend

Hair products have come a long way. They are essential to achieving your style at home. Products add body, tame frizz, keep hair in place and so much more. Take note at the ones your stylist uses when she styles your hair after your service. These are going to be the best ones for you to start with. She should be willing to explain how to use each one in detail so you won’t be overwhelmed at home.

Change is Good. Embrace Change 

So you are using product, great for you. Be open to the idea that you aren’t using them right or if you have used the same ones for the past decade, you might want to try something new. Professional product companies spend millions of dollars on research and development. There are some truly amazing things available to us now, ask you stylist for advice and if you try it and it doesn’t work exchange it for something that will.

A new look requires learning something new

If you ask for a new look, but style your hair the same way you always have, you will likely not be happy with your hair’s result. In fact, it will probably look like it always did. A haircut is simply the foundation to a great look. Styling is key. Ask your stylist for advice on properly styling your new cut.

Practice makes perfect

Learning to style your hair takes time, patients and most importantly practice. If at first you don’t get it right, try try again! Trust me, even hairstylist have a hard time blowing out their own hair, and it takes some skill to learn how to. Ask your stylist if she will give you a style lesson where you bring your own blow dryer, brushes etc and she will walk you through styling step by step.

Beauticians are not magicians

Have real expectations with your hair. If you’re only willing to put 5 minutes of styling into a hair style that should require 30 minutes, expect your hair to look that way. Ask your stylist to help you choose a look that matches the level of effort that you’re willing to put in and that matches your hair’s texture. Keep in mind the more hair you have, the more time it will take to style.

Times Change

A salon chair is not a time machine. Hair changes over time as we age, just like our skin and our rear ends. It sucks, but we can only realistically work with the present condition of your hair. As much as you’d love to have your hair look the way it did 15 or 20 years ago, you will be much happier if you work with what you have, at the present moment, instead of focusing on what you once had.

Bismarck Salons; Holly Blomquist Bismarck Hair Coloristwritten by ~Holly Blomquist

models hair by ~ Alaina SchaafBismarck Salons; Alaina Schaaf Bismarck Colorist