2017 Hair Trends | WOW!  We are officially into February, where has the time gone?  2017 has already showed us some great hair trends and we want to share them with you!  With words like BLORANGE and HYGGE you are sure to find awe-inspiring and stunning colors.

With Spring just around the corner who isn’t ready to warm up a little?  These colors will help you do just that!

BLORANGE (not as harsh as it sounds) is a brilliant variation of blond and orange.  Varying from more vibrant oranges to softer shades with hints of rose gold perfect for spring!

HYGGE (pronounced hue-gah) is a danish ritual which suggests living your life in a warm and comforting way.  All levels of color are influenced by hygge, from buttery blondes to warm coppers and caramely rich browns.

You are sure to find a new hue that is just for you!  Book Now!


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